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When I was 14 I had a friend named Jim.
Jim had a foot tall mohawk to add to his already 6 feet tall frame
We used to pack into my mother's minivan
and she would drive us to straight edge meetings
which I can't remember if he was serious about or not
but I remember the girls being very earthy and granola
and me sleeping on their couches
and thinking...no alcohol or drugs, really?
I had a crush on Jim
but I can't recall ever pursuing it
even when we were both high
and on the phone at 4am
I think I went to about 3 meetings
and all I remember about these meetings were the parties and the smoking
and the laughing
I don't think I ever went "inside"
The funny thing is I can't remember if I went to these meetings
before or after I went to rehab
but I have a definite suspicion it was before.

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    Sad to see things end. Wonder if it means you can't trust anyone or if you just don't know the right people.

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    I miss you...or maybe just the idea of you.

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