Dyonisia (porphyria) wrote,

What to say? Years go by quicker now. Minutes zoom into days. My teens were leisurely and tasty. I liked the chase more than the catch. Time is slippery now and not as cheap. I don't want to go back and give up the days, but I want to flashback more often. Maybe less. I want to feel invincible again. Cheap wine and short skirts--the sun and tanned boys. Less claustrophobia and smog. My old black car with the peeling roof and my hand-print on the back window. Don't ask. Or do.

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    Dyonisia (porphyria) wrote, 2005-01-02 20:32:00 My family thinks it's funny that we both have our little gameboy kits with us most of the time,…

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    Sad to see things end. Wonder if it means you can't trust anyone or if you just don't know the right people.

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    I miss you...or maybe just the idea of you.

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