Dyonisia (porphyria) wrote,

I wrote this 7+ years ago

Dyonisia (porphyria) wrote,
2005-01-02 20:32:00

My family thinks it's funny that we both have our little gameboy kits with us most of the time, link cable and all. We stay in, we make love, we play, we play all sorts of games. With him, I feel more grown-up and yet younger. We watch movies all the time, because that's his thing and when they get boring I read, because that's mine. He's meticulous and I'm messy, my hair is wavy all the way down my back and so is his, though his is straighter; I wear mine loose and he doesn't. His lips are bee-stung and beautiful and with him I don't wear make-up. We wake up and I snuggle under his arm, but we usually sleep more loosely. We make love with the lights on and his eyes see more beauty than I could ever see in myself. He, on the other hand, is perfection and I like to pull on his hair when I come and he growls at me and I love him. I love him.


Update (11/23/12): He cut his hair. We've moved (twice). The wedding is next Spring.

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    Sad to see things end. Wonder if it means you can't trust anyone or if you just don't know the right people.

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    I miss you...or maybe just the idea of you.

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    Wouldn't it be nice to pack up everything, or nothing, and move halfway across the world? I would choose japan, but am down for anything. Why do…

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