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When my kitchen went up in flames a little while ago I was forced to stand in the snow. Now I'm typing this and breathing smoke while I have the windows open and the snow drifts onto my bed.

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I've always wanted to be a Japanese teenager. 15-16 years old. Living in Japan...not here. Slouchy socks and short skirts and long, straight hair. I think I would have been slutty on the down-low. Yeah, I realy would have. And not just with boys.

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Let's pretend that I'm related to a certain individual. A married individual, 11 years older than me in case you were wondering. Let's pretend that this certain individual called me last night, in the middle of the night, to tell me they were coming to NY in 3 hours and would be coming to my house. Let's pretend that they then said they would not be alone and to not tell my mother or anyone else for that matter.

I don't talk to most 98% of my family.

It's snowing.

I have pictures on my phone and snowflakes on my lashes and gloves.

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Mike and Lisa, Lisa and Mike:

I'm disappointed in both of you; what happened to being my best online friends? Not even one e-mail. I know I've been MIA, but is that any reason to abandon me in my hour of friendship needs? As you can see I have a computer now and I will be writing you upset letters like this until I get a satisfactory response. What is it now? 6-7 years? I go missing for two months and you vamoose! Shameful display.

P.S. Will write about New York on another occasion.

At Work

New York. What can I say?

Living alone is, well, lonely.

P.S.- My computer was smashed to bits by the post office, so I have ordered a laptop that won't be here for another week. I promise a full update then.

P.P.S-Don't feel too sorry for me...I do get paid to read.

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Is it a lie if they ask you if you're neat and organized and you say yes and then later everyone you know who hears this laughs?

I have the world's worst penmanship. I mean literally the worst. 10 yr old boys sign their name with more care than me. Really.

I can't afford a blackberry or a palm pilot. I bought a zen dragon agenda, which I've mysteriously misplaced and my boyfriend bought me a Grades 3-4 Cursive Writing School Zone notebook.

This is a total scam, right? The pictures of the place are so gorgeous. :(

Peter Shaw wrote:

Dear sir,
My name is Peter Shaw I have the apartment in New
(Manhattan) for rent.

The rent is 700 USD per month.
I had the apartment with my wife because she was
from USA and last year she died in a car accident that
we had . I also lost my hearing in the accident. Now
I live in Munchen Germany. The apartment is very big
and it is in a nice area of Manhattan. I have received
another offers today about 50 proposals and I want
yo to know that I only let the apartment if you pay
in advance the rent for three months. Thank you

--- Dionisyas Freedom wrote:

Dear Peter,

I would love to rent your apartment in Manhattan,
3 months in advance is no problem. I will be in
New York on the 19th, or even the 16th if necessary. I
am a professional 24 yr old Female and I will be
working for a very well known publishing house in
Manhattan. How could I go about securing this

Peter Shaw <> wrote:

I rent the apartment for unlimited time.
I am in Munchen Germany as I have told you.
The apartment is very beutifull it has beutifull
furniture.The key to the apartment is here with me.
I will come and give you the key and we will make
the contract. I will think of a solution for this because I don't
want to come for nothing and to loose my time or
yours. As I have told you I have received many offers so it
is hard for me to decide. I told you that I lost my hearing and since than I
have to go to the hospital every week and I will
have little time to spend in New York because of that.

Thank you

--- Dionisyas Freedom <> wrote:

As long as this is a legitimate contract and the
apartment is the way it was in the pictures
(including the location) then everything is fine
with me. I do not know how you would be able to sign
this contract while you are in Germany unless you
plan on coming to New York for December or you plan
to hire an agent or a broker, but if you find a way
then let me know, because I really want to rent this
apartment. What is the name of the building? I hope
you can provide me with more detailed information so that we may come to a business agreement.

Peter Shaw <> wrote:

I have received many other offers so I don't know what
to choose. I don't want to make a trip for nothing and not to
find you there and loose time.
I also don't want to loose your time either.
Three weeks ago I have received also many offers to
rent it, one person told me to come to show him the apartment
and to make the rent papers.
I have took a plane and I arived in New York the next
day.I showed the apartment to that person and he was
inpresed but he told me that he has the money for one
month in advance and that I have to wait another two
months to pay me the rest.
I lost my time this way and money on flights.
I also go here in Munchen at the hospital twice a week
so I can't stay for a long time in Germany.
Here is what I propose:
Make the transfer using western union on a Friend Name
or to a Family Member (in New York) of yours for the 3
months rent and reply with the western union scaned
receipt jpg format.
This way I will be sure that you have the money to pay
me in advance and also that will not loose my time and
that I will not make the trip for nothing.
I will expect the scaned receipt and we will arange a
meeting a soon after that.
We will go and see the apartment and after that we
will go to pick up the money from the western union.
(this means that the friend or relative must be with
you at that time)

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Red wine, another birthday
white skirt and bare feet
We drank 6 months worth this week
Up on the terrace with the moon and soft songs from childhood
and all of my friends laying on couches and plastic chairs
he asked me to dance with him, slowly
I swayed in his arms and we closed our eyes
his breath on my forehead and neck seduced a star to fall
like a happy tear

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You know, some naive part of me thought that graduating from college would just automatically grant me a "career". I'm still working at the same bookstore I was working in 5 years ago, 3 year hiatus included. Though I strayed from my english major to a psych degree, mostly due to insanity, I still thought Random House would be beating at my door when I graduated. Four applications and still no call. Bastards. Maybe I should start lying in the salary requirement box.